"The pat on the back."

Patient's wife's story: "A pat on the back"

It has already been quite a course for us. And now we are again very happy that the last chemo has kicked in again. Not so long ago it was different. The lab values were always getting worse and he was always so sick from his chemos, too.

During the next consultation, Dr. V. frankly told us that there were no more good prospects. But my husband didn't want to give up. "I would like to try one more time. I want to fight one more time" he said. I didn't think he would say that, but Dr. V. listened to him and understood why he wanted to go on, go for it one more time. Dr. V. didn't think it was going to work and said as much during the last consultation. But we went for it together. Dr. V, my husband and me. It has been hard but we were so happy when Dr. V. came to tell us after that cure that it appeared to be catching on. The doctor came and told him personally, patted him on the back and thanked him for keeping so much courage and hope. That was a special moment for my husband. The listening ear but also the recognition from the doctor

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