"Mangoes don't fall far from the tree"

Prof. Dr. Herman Daems - president of KU Leuven and professor emeritus

Mangoes do not grow everywhere. They are found only in tropical and subtropical areas. The climate there is suitable for the development of mangoes. I have the impression that something like this is also valid for Mangoes. Flowering and growth of mangoes depend on climate, Mangomoments depend on organizational climate. A Mangomoment is the small gesture of a caregiver or service provider who wants to give a patient or client a special treat or individual attention. In some organizations, Mangomoments are common; in others, Mangomoments are rather rare. Just as mangoes need a certain climate to bud and flourish, Mangomoments apparently also need a certain organizational climate to flourish. It is therefore obvious to ask what it takes to have many Mangomoments in an organization.

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