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Our ambassadors

30 care organizations partnered over the past few years to find inspiring and warm care moments. Each care organization selected three teams to participate in this project. The multidisciplinary members of the teams were supported by us in the development of a Mangomoment Culture. This included local inspiration workshops, regional knowledge-sharing moments, network meetings and, in 2021, a first symposium.

We thank in advance the following healthcare organizations for their enthusiasm!

ASZ - Aalst/Geraardsbergen/WetterenAz Damiaan OostendeAZ Alma AZ Herentalsaz Sint-BlasiusAZ Sint-Jan Brugge Oostende AVAZ TurnhoutVzw Stijn: De Klimroos Family AidHeilig Hart Hospital LierJan Yperman Hospital Ypres Heilig Hartziekenhuis molOLV Hospital Aalst Asse NinoveSint-JozefskliniekTriamant HaspengouwTriamant HQUZ LeuvenJessa HospitalAZ Sint-Lucas GentHospital Oost-Limburg (ZOL),Az Vesalius, Alexianen Tienen, Inloophuis vzw Huyse Nestelt, Karus, AZ Diest, RZ Tienen, AZ St Lucas Brugge and Mintus

Research team

The research team consists of:

The Advisory Council (2018-2022).

We were inspired and advised by 16 experts who each provided suggestions from a particular angle. The advisory board was composed of the following people: Dr. Lieven Allaert (physician, deputy medical director at Sint Andries Hospital Tielt), Ms. Caroline Ameloot (director sales & marketing Carglass), Dr. Luc Colemont (gastroenterologist, Stop Bowel Cancer), Prof. Dr. Herman Daems (chairman BNP Paribas Fortis and former chairman of the board of directors of KU Leuven), Ms. Ilse De Cauwer (oprichtster Co-thinking care), Prof.dr. Dirk De Ridder (Diensthoofd urologie UZ Leuven, afdelingshoofd Leuvens Instituut Gezondheidszorgbeleid), Dhr. Alexander Dupont (Head of Development & Franchise – Accor Hotels Benelux), Dhr. Luc Galoppin (Organization Expert, Reply-MC), Ms. Karin Genoe (President Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety), Kris Heeren (Managing Director King Alfonso), Prof. Dr. Koen Matthijs (Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven), Iris Rademaekers (Head of Congress and Event Department KU Leuven), Ms. Sigrid Somers (Head of Press & Communication Department KU Leuven), Mr. Jan Van Aken (Manager Marketing/communication sector), Mr. Luc Vanhaverbeke (Head of Facilities Department UZ Leuven) and Ms. Inge Vervotte (Director for Emmaüs vzw).

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