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Scientific publications

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In the press

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News Sheet 01/06/2019: A mango, glass of champagne or floor lamp: how banal objects helped these (deathly) sick people

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The Telegraph 28/11/2018: Balance strut, plogging or mango moment after all?

De Gelderlander 9/11/2018: Jolanda (54) from Huissen became as happy as a child from a shower in hospital

The Gelderlander 9/11/2018: Anxious night lessened for Esther (39) by nurse's hand

De Gelderlander 9/11/2018: A rocket after anesthesia was what Sabine (34) from Nijmegem needed

Libelle 28/11/2018: Block frieze and selfie shopper: these 18 words have been nominated for Word of the Year 2018

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Healthcare Vision 25/06/2018: Maasstad Hospital organizes 'breaking the rules' week

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AD 16/06/2018: We crave mango moments, but who has the time?

H+MC 13/06/2018: Blog: 'The Mango moment is hot for a reason'

HLN 11/06/2018: 'Mango moments' they now know in US and Brazil too

Heerlen News 8/06/2018: Zuyderland asks 'chain of mango moments' to continue

AD 6/06/2018: Call yields avalanche of 'mango moments'

van Dale 5/06/2018: WVDD: Mango moment

AD 5/06/2018: How one mango captivated Belgium

Vision 4/05/2018: Helena is grateful to caregivers for Mango moment. 'Small gesture, big difference'

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