"washing hair"

Patient story: "Washing hair"

After a long surgery (breast reconstruction), you get to get back out of bed. Your hair tangled and a little lifeless against your head. You feel like a patient. Tired, vulnerable, a little lost. After care, the nurse asked, "Would you like to have your hair washed?" Our volunteer will come by if you want." Oh that seemed really nice, to be pampered for a moment. And that brief moment of hair washing meant a lot to me: It immediately made me feel a little better. The conversation with the volunteer was also nice. She had overcome breast cancer herself and I could talk to her about what was on my mind. I didn't have to explain everything, she understood what I needed. It is nice that there are people who selflessly devote themselves to another person. Those people, those volunteers deserve kudos for their efforts and providing those little moments of great value.

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