"the magazines"

Story of a patient in long-term isolation: "The magazines"

During my hospitalizations, I had several people coming in every day: doctors, nurses, psychologist, dermatologist, dietician, family,.... All these people always came in with 1 question: how is it? (what are the symptoms, what is on the program, which examinations have to be done). Always the medical stuff, it started coming out of my ears...
And then there was my Mangomoment of the day: the logistics team came to clean my room, make my bed. Those people were the only ones who could have a normal conversation. Usually there were two of them and the conversation was about gossip in the bookies, new shoes in advertising, perfume, problems with the kids, etc. I found that blissful. Just to listen to and also to chat with. The conversations always made me laugh and for 10 minutes I didn't have to think about cancer for once

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